5 Best Paradoxes EVER!

Mic Check! Is this thing on?

I want to propose a toast. A toast to myself for being the most inconsistent human being ever to walk the face of the earth. I’m not even consistent at that either. Sometimes I walk, other times I just prance, run, skip or just crawl.


But why am I here? I have recently got fascinated by things that make me sit for hours reasoning till I’m like “Huh?! Why am I here?” and Paradoxes are just that. So I want to share my favorite Paraxodes ever.


PS: For those too lazy to check their dictionaries, A paradox is *hold on while I google it* a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.

Yeah! I know! Even its definition is confusing as hell.

So here they are:

Number 5: Ship of Theseus Paradox

Paradox: Let’s say you have a toy ship (let us call it Ship A) made of 100 pieces of wood and everyday you take out one old piece, replacing it with a new piece. Do this for the next 100 days, not dismantling the ship or changing the same pieces twice. After 100 days, you take all the old pieces and make a new identical ship (let us call it Ship B).

The paradox asks “Which is the original ship and which ship is newer?”


Number 4: The Omnipotence Paradox

Paradox: An omnipotent being has the ability to do everything. So let’s say an omnipotent being created a stone so big he could not lift it but doing that will then make him no longer omnipotent but because he is omnipotent means he will be able to lift it which means he didn’t create a stone too big for him to lift.

The paradox asks “Can an omnipotent being limit its own power?”

Number 3: The Grand-Father Paradox

Paradox: If a man created a time machine and went back in time and killed his grand-father before he could meet his grand-mother, by simple logic, the man never existed but then if he never existed then he could never go back in time to kill his grand-father and if he never killed his grand-father then that he means he will be born.

The paradox asks nothing. It’s just a very very confusing merry-g0-round!


Number 2: The Epimenides Paradox

Paradox: If i said with all truth “This statement is false”. Which means, if the statement I said is true then that means it is infact false and if it is false then that means the statement is true and on and on and on.

The paradox asks “Was I lying or saying the truth?”


Number 1: The Barber Paradox

Paradox: In a town, there is just one barber. In this same town, there is a rule that at every point in time every man must be clean shaven and men either shave themselves or get shaved by the barber but never both. By this rule, the barber can only shave men that don’t shave themselves. Meaning if the barber shaves himself, he is also getting shaved by the barber but then the barber can only shave men that don’t shave themselves.

The paradox asks “Who shaves the barber?”


So that’s my top 5 Paradoxes. If you think you can solve anyone then drop me a comment.


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Yesterday, Oh yesterday! It was an absolutely long day to the extent that I tried sleeping while driving. They say “Don’t drink and drive” but they never said “Don’t sleep and drive“. I jest obviously but I was that tired.

Today, I have summoned the energy to write a post following the 31 days blog challenge. The challenge title is “Name any television show you are addicted to

This is a real challenge because this has changed over the years. I once could watch and re watch Dexter and then How I Met Your Mother and a couple of others along the way. I cannot place one series over the other because they all change in preference over time.

From January 1st till date, my favourite series have been “The Mole Australia” and “Robot Combat League”. I liked the suspense a lot in both.

For this month, I cannot get enough of “The Amazing Race” and “The League” but today I’m presently all about “Almost Human”

You might wonder why this decision is so difficult for me and I’ll tell you why. I WATCH TOO MANY SERIES!!!

I’m going to list all the series I follow right now. 37 in the past 18 months have either ended (e.g. Dexter and Breaking Bad), been cancelled (e.g. Alphas and Go On) or haven’t restarted (e.g. The Following, Suits and Mr. Selfridge) so I’ll be leaving them out of the list.

My list in alphabetical order is:

S/No Series
1 2 Broke Girls
2 Agents of SHIELD
3 Almost Human
4 Alpha House
5 American Dad!
6 Anger Management
7 Avengers Assemble
8 Batrayal
9 Bob’s Burgers
10 Criminal Minds
11 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
12 Dads
13 Elementary
14 Family Guy
15 Grimm
16 Hello Ladies
17 How I Met Your Mother
18 Ironside
19 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
20 Last Man Standing
21 Mike and Molly
22 Misfits
23 Modern Family
24 Mom
25 New Girl
26 Once Upon A Time
27 Person Of Interest
28 Raising Hope
29 Real Husbands of Hollywood
30 Scandal
31 Sean saves the world
32 Super Fun Night
33 The Amazing Race
34 The Big Bang Theory
35 The Biggest Loser
36 The Blacklist
37 The Bridge
38 The Crazy Ones
39 The League
40 The Mentalist
41 The Middle
42 The Millers
43 The Neighbors
44 The Simpsons
45 The Tomorrow People
46 Trophy Wife
47 Trust Me, I’m A Game Show Host
48 Two and a Half Men
49 White Collar
50 Whitechapel

Do I watch too many series? Yes I do.

If you watch any series that you would recommend drop as a comment or you like any of them I watch? Comment also.

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Animalistic Behaviour

Who ever compiled this blog challenge must be a serial killer because these topics keep getting personal by the day. What will they ask tomorrow? My mothers maiden name perhaps? Well I’m not telling 😐

Well, today is day 6 and the topic is “If you were an animal which would you be and why?

Why anyone would want to be an animal is beyond me. This question is almost as confusing as asking “If you could have any super power, which would you pick?” These are questions that have kept Zeus awake for nights and years.

Enough stalling but I don’t think I could be one animal, if I was an animal at all. I just couldn’t imagine it and from all the hybrid creatures I read about over the last 24 hours none really appealed to me. Except for the Griffin, he’s pretty cool.

After even more reading, I decided which animal I would be. I’ll be *drumroll* a Human 😀

I know people are rolling their eyes but the blog title never said anything about “except humans” and scientifically speaking, humans are animals. The agberos (touts) in my area keep proving this fact every evening after 7pm.

I don’t think I need to explain why I would rather be human than any other animal. Do I? *looks around*

This post is a bit lazy but I’m having a very rough time being creative. I have things like work to think about. Sorry. I’ll probably not post tomorrow either because its Saturday but if I do expect it to be Legen *wait for it* dary… LEGENDARY!!!

Thank you my loyal readers that made it this far. You have to a loyal human for you to actually read this far into the post even I am bored from re-reading it.

Cash ya. See ya. La’ra 🙂

A Day To Remember

Today’s challenge is kind of easy. “Describe your typical day in your current life” so I want to spice it up and make it more interesting, at least for me, by describing my day using only song lyrics. Let’s see how it goes.



I get out of bed, turn my swag on, take a look in the mirror and say “What’s up?”. It’s quarter to eight and you just can’t wait to come alive. You brush your teeth, ch ch ch ch, ch ch ch ch. Take my shit, now, boy. Nigga gotta shit! Nigga gotta shit!. Ain’t nothing wrong! Then if you looking for me, I’m on Instagram. I’m putting in a trap, tryna move all these grams. Oh, my niggas got work, work. My niggas got work, work. Uh, online! Then Work, work, do your exercise as I burn my calories. Breakfast clubbers, Oh, rise up, Fruit Loop lovers. Sing out sweet & low. With spoons held high. We bid our brother, “Cheerio!” Then we playing video games. I go grab some lunch and eat some cucumber. I need a nap. Real hustlers don’t sleep, we take a nap. Go to Church and then dinner at eight. Tonight I’ll say a prayer and hope I wake up tomorrow.


Song titles in the order I used them

  1. Soulja Boy Tell’em – Turn My Swag On
  2. Raffi – Brush Your Teeth
  3. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Taking a shit
  4. Ballout – Instagram
  5. Jay Ant – Online
  6. Paypa – Exercise
  7. Fugees – Fu-Gee-La
  8. Newsboys – Breakfast
  9. Lana Del Rey – Video Games
  10. Joey Perez – By Chance
  11. Weird Al – I need a nap
  12. Juicy J – Real Hustlers Don’t Sleep
  13. Ice Cube – Church
  14. Rufus Wainwright – Dinner At Eight
  15. Eydie Gorme – Tonight

That was harder than I thought and I think the general idea might have damaged the post but it was fun to write. Btw, I have not heard more than half these songs before this morning.

Did I overreach? Was it okay? Was there a better song I could have used somewhere in the post. Let me know 😀

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10 Things

Day 4 and I am still writing. Someone referred to me as an “epileptic blogger” and would not last more than a couple of days on this challenge. The “epileptic blogger” description still cracks me up 😀

Todays post is meant to be “List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could” but I’m not doing that because I have nothing to tell the little creep. Everything I did, good or bad, has led me to where I am today and I am thankful.

Instead, I’ll be listing 10 facts I find interesting. Some are funny, some are weird and some are just things I personally find interesting.

  1. If you whip your head back and forth, you lose 24 brain cells per whip. The brain can’t handle such movements.
  2. Only Asian people have black hair. Every other supposedly ‘black’ hair colour is actually really dark brown.
  3. A pig’s orgasm lasts 30 minutes and a male lion mates up to 50 times a day. No wonder lions are the king of the jungle.
  4. The average blue whale produces over 400 gallons of sperm when it ejaculates, but only 10% of that actually makes it into his mate. Happy Swimming!!! 🙂
  5. A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. You definitely cannot do anything in that time.
  6. In a room of women, a chicken will always walk towards the horniest one. Sadly we cannot take chickens into clubs 😦
  7. In the original “Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights” book, Aladdin was Chinese but this was changed as it contradicted the title.
  8. When a male elephant is tired, it uses its penis as a 5th limb for support. But the blue whale has the longest penis which is 11 feet long.
  9. Nine bible printing companies have produced bibles that contained misprints but the two most notable ones are in 1631 when the bible read “thou shalt commit adultery” and in 1653 when it read “the unrighteous shall inherit the Kingdom of God”. Both errors were caused by the absence of the word “not.
  10. On February 18, 1979, the temperature in Algeria went so low and a storm followed which made it snow for about 30 minutes in the Sahara Dessert.

I’m sure there are better facts out there but these are some of the few that have caught my eye recently or I remembered from before.

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Top 5 at 3

Day 3 of the 31 day blog challenge and I am still going strong. Today’s topic is a bit short and boring “List your 5 favourite movies”

First of all, I don’t watch movies as much except for my year and a half in UK when I became a total addict thanks to CineWorld and their wonderful CineWorld card for movie lovers everywhere (at least everywhere with a CineWorld cinema).

My taste in movies might be a bit abnormal but bear with me.

My top 5 favourite movies are:

  1. Kung Fu Panda: Anyone that knows me will know my obsession with this movie. I can quote almost every line from the movies.Why do I like it so much? I have no idea but then the love everyone has for those God awful minions never makes any sense to me either.
  2. Lucky Number Slevin: The whole movie is based on the “Kansas City Shuffle”. The general idea that you can totally misdirect a number of people on different sides of an issue without none of them being the wiser. The storyline absolutely is amazing to me and one of the movies that got me interested in studying the human mind.
  3. Exam: If you have not seen this movie then you obviously have been wasting your eyes. This is low-budget, straight-to-DVD movie which I downloaded by accident. Very long story that I will not tell here, at least not today. I decided to watch this movie since I had nothing to do and it totally blew me away. It is absolutely painful that the producers of this movie did not take the risk of bringing it to the big screens because they would have made a killing.
  4. Devil Wears Prada: The cast = Brilliant. The writing = Brilliant. The fashion = Brilliant. I am not much of a fashion guy or drama movie guy but this movie has stuck with me for a very long. Meryl Streep was so deliciously evil and Anne Hathaway blew my hat away 😀 Plus the movie has the Mentalist himself Simon Baker who made an appearance and mentally seduced the crap out of poor Andrea.
  5. Number 23: This movie is the reason for my neurotic habits of counting and doing everything is 3’s, 5’s and 7’s. Walter Sparrow played by Jim Carrey finds out everything in his life could be broken down to 23. He got married at 23, his birthday was February 3rd (2/3), his social security number added to 23, the movie length is 1:41:08. 14+1+8=23, Jim Carrey was paid $23million for this role and some even crazier facts discovered along the way but then the movie ended with the 23rd and final act. It’s a thriller and not the usual Jim Carrey comedy and it was done great.

I have 3 movies that did not make it to my top 5 favourite but I’ll just list them anyways.

  1. Wanted
  2. The Usual Suspects
  3. Se7en

There you have it. My 8 favourite movies of all time. I like Star Wars but I wouldn’t call it my favourite.

As a bonus, here are a few of my unfavourite movies if you will.

  1. Absolutely cannot stand Indiana Jones.
  2. All Transformers movies are just noise in my ear and the most recent one was partly racist.
  3. Batman Trilogy
  4. Superman movies.
  5. Despicable Me 2

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3 Most Feared

I typed the whole post the first time and the whole thing got erased by a WordPress glitch so I am particularly grateful to the folks at WordPress for a job well done, without you guys my post would have been a success 🙂

In an attempt to recreate the post, I will give you a brief summary. Day 2 of the 31 day blog challenge is to write about my 3 fears but from yesterdays post I listed 9. I’ll list all 9 and I want to hear from you which one you think is the most ridiculous fear of all.

In alphabetical order:

  1. Achluophobia – Fear of darkness
  2. Aquaphobia – Fear of water
  3. Aviatophobia – Fear of flying
  4. Catapedaphobia – Fear of jumping from high to low places
  5. Gamophobia – Fear of weddings
  6. Harpaxophobia – Fear of being robbed
  7. Metathesiophobia – Fear of change
  8. Scotomaphobia – Fear of going blind
  9. Thantophobia – Fear of dying

So which do you think is the most ridiculous, funny, stupid or any other adjective you can think of? Leave your comment(s) below, don’t take them with you.

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