5 Best Paradoxes EVER!

Mic Check! Is this thing on?

I want to propose a toast. A toast to myself for being the most inconsistent human being ever to walk the face of the earth. I’m not even consistent at that either. Sometimes I walk, other times I just prance, run, skip or just crawl.


But why am I here? I have recently got fascinated by things that make me sit for hours reasoning till I’m like “Huh?! Why am I here?” and Paradoxes are just that. So I want to share my favorite Paraxodes ever.


PS: For those too lazy to check their dictionaries, A paradox is *hold on while I google it* a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.

Yeah! I know! Even its definition is confusing as hell.

So here they are:

Number 5: Ship of Theseus Paradox

Paradox: Let’s say you have a toy ship (let us call it Ship A) made of 100 pieces of wood and everyday you take out one old piece, replacing it with a new piece. Do this for the next 100 days, not dismantling the ship or changing the same pieces twice. After 100 days, you take all the old pieces and make a new identical ship (let us call it Ship B).

The paradox asks “Which is the original ship and which ship is newer?”


Number 4: The Omnipotence Paradox

Paradox: An omnipotent being has the ability to do everything. So let’s say an omnipotent being created a stone so big he could not lift it but doing that will then make him no longer omnipotent but because he is omnipotent means he will be able to lift it which means he didn’t create a stone too big for him to lift.

The paradox asks “Can an omnipotent being limit its own power?”

Number 3: The Grand-Father Paradox

Paradox: If a man created a time machine and went back in time and killed his grand-father before he could meet his grand-mother, by simple logic, the man never existed but then if he never existed then he could never go back in time to kill his grand-father and if he never killed his grand-father then that he means he will be born.

The paradox asks nothing. It’s just a very very confusing merry-g0-round!


Number 2: The Epimenides Paradox

Paradox: If i said with all truth “This statement is false”. Which means, if the statement I said is true then that means it is infact false and if it is false then that means the statement is true and on and on and on.

The paradox asks “Was I lying or saying the truth?”


Number 1: The Barber Paradox

Paradox: In a town, there is just one barber. In this same town, there is a rule that at every point in time every man must be clean shaven and men either shave themselves or get shaved by the barber but never both. By this rule, the barber can only shave men that don’t shave themselves. Meaning if the barber shaves himself, he is also getting shaved by the barber but then the barber can only shave men that don’t shave themselves.

The paradox asks “Who shaves the barber?”


So that’s my top 5 Paradoxes. If you think you can solve anyone then drop me a comment.


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